# Getting Started


VuePress-Creator requires Node.js >= 8.6.

# Global Installation

In order to create the VuePress project quickly for convenience in the future, it's recommended to use yarn for global installation:

yarn global add vuepress-creator

or if you use npm :

npm install -g vuepress-creator


Some users may not be able to use the vuepress-creator command normally in the yarn environment. After testing, you can obtain the yarn global installation package path through the command lineyarn global bin, and then add it to the system environment variable to solve it.

# Create Project

Enter the following command in the command window to start creating the project:

vuepress-creator init myproject

Note:Please replace myproject with the name you want. After carriage return, there are several options for you to choose from:

Pick a theme for VuePress?
> Default
  AntDocs (Ant Design style)

After selecting, the scaffold will automatically perform a series of operations until the configuration is completed. In the meantime, please be patient.

# Dev Server

Open the configured project and enter the following command in the command line window:

yarn dev # Or: npm run dev

# Build Docs

To generate the static HTML files, run:

yarn build # Or: npm run build

The generated static files will be stored in .vuepress/dist . You can also customize the build path, but you don't generally need to modify it.
The VS Code editor is recommended here. It's very friendly to execute the script commands in the package.json file. It also supports writing .md documents.

Last Updated: 3/10/2020, 11:58:45 PM